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Welcome to Sifchain!
Sifchain is committed to creating a blockchain and cryptocurrency world where any asset across the globe can move freely between different blockchains, and do so quickly and at the cheapest price possible.
SifDEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables users to swap digital assets from a wide variety of blockchain ecosystems in one place, by connecting all major blockchains together using advanced bridging technology that we call 'Peggy'. Currently Sifchain enables routing from Ethereum main net to the Cosmos Ecosystem. This is accomplished using Peggy from Ethereum to Sifchain, and via IBC from Sifchain to the other Cosmos-based blockchains. In the future, up to 25 major blockchains will be able to interact seamlessly through the Sifchain interface. Within SifDEX, all trading is made possible through pooling with our native ROWAN token.

How to use Sifchain

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